Ormi Kids, along with the Ormiston Primary School, opened it’s doors in February 2015. It is our joy to be able to offer the best OSCAR care within the community of the highly sought after Ormiston Schools. Having won awards for our first OSCAR journey, you’ll discover how important partnering and serving our Ormiston Community is to us.

"Only the best you can bring out the best in you"


Seeing young lives thrive in an environment that is safe, where the power and responsibility of free choice, leading to positive outcomes is what we explore and encourage. When we celebrate and experience the joy of healthy relationships, this encourages us to think and behave in a way that guides us to be the best and give of our best.        


Having our Ormiston community, especially children, place a high value on love and respect for themselves which then flows into loving and respecting others, creating a culture of honour where values are truly lived and not just taught. Ormi Kids can replicate this demonstration by esteeming our staff, children in our care, parents, schools and the commitments we make. Through Ormi Kids we aim to see a generation of children influenced by a philanthropic love and selfless leadership.